Lanyang Seaview Hotel

The hotel is named after Lanyang 
Close to Wushi Fishing Harbor, Toucheng of Yilan, and surrounded by the most beautiful sea and sky of Northeast Cape 
Enjoy a panoramic view of the fields of Lan Yang Plain and the vast sky of Wushi Fishing Harbor
Surrounded by four of the eight scenic spots of Lan Yang,
including "Sunrise on Turtle Mountain," "Sunset on Precipitous Mountain,"
"Cool Air on West Peak," and "Spring Sail on Stone Harbor."
Lanyang Seaview Hotel
Lanyang Seaview Hotel Lanyang Seaview Hotel

The pure sensation of mountains and the sea

Intertwining the sun, sunset, clouds, mountains, horizon, islands, and other images of Lan Yang                                                               
  • Rooms


    All 135 rooms with views will accompany travelers 
    in their search for the old days of Toucheng beginning with a trip deep into the Lan Yang Plain
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  • Dining / Meeting

    Dining / Meeting

    Local cuisine in Lan Yang combined with the scenery of Guishan Island 
    A reminder of a traditional fishing village for travelers
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