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Business Philosophy 

All 135 scenery suites at Lanyang Seaview Hotel, 
from the moment entering the Lan Yang Plain
accompanying travelers to search for the old times of Toucheng
The morning breeze wafts across the sea, while watching the fisherman sailing out with a book and a cup of tea. At dusk, the scent of coffee is leading the fisherman home slowly. On the shore, a shimmering light is expecting the fisherman, who has been wandering at sea, to return home safely. Looking at the distant mountains, the fishing boats, following the waves of the sea, are returning with a full catch. The stories about fishermen at sea are like the ebb and flow of the waves slapping against the rocks, conjuring up the memories that travelers have of traditional fishing villages.

We treat our guests with "Nature Experience," "Local Ingredients," and "Childlike Life." We also provide facilities such as a tea house, a café, a restaurant with a sea view, a swimming pool, a reading corner, a Kids play room, and a multi-functional meeting room, which allow travelers to relive the warmth of the place during a short stay.